Contactless Automatic Mist/Fog Based Sanitizer Dispensing Machine

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  • Designed body for Covid-19 special
  • Ultrosnic based circuit used
  • Fully automatic & Alcohol based sprays.
  • Mist/fog based sanitizer dispenser shield.  
  • Kill all bacteria & gems on you hands.
  • Power On LED indications
  • Metal nozzle used.  



Technical Specification :

1. Outer Body -MoC - ABS

2. Sanitizer Container - This is the container where the sanitizer is stored/refilled. Moc - ABS CAPACITY- 5 Litres

3. Solenoid Valve - This valve prevents water to drip from the nozzle when the pump is not working MoC- Polypropylene Working voltage- 24V DC

 4. Diaphragm pump - This pump is used to provide increased pressure to the inlet of the mist atomizer. MoC - ABS Make - GRAND FOREST Working pressure - 5-6 bar Working Voltage - 24V DC

 5. Mist Atomizer - This atomizer sprays sufficient amount of sanitizer at a cone angle of 60degree to wet both the hands for 5 seconds. Material- Brass

 6. Waterproof non contact ultrasonic sensor - This module,with air as medium, is a non-contact target detection and distance measurement module. This sensor is not affected by color or other visual from the detected object. The ultrasonic sensor sends out high frequency sound waves in the direction of detection, and receives the reflection from nearby objects and gives distance reading by processing the echo time.

 7. Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)- The power supply unit (PSU) is used in the unit to convert the AC voltage into the acceptable range for working of the pump and solenoid valve. This device has the power handling electronic components that converts electrical power efficiently.